Saturday, 23 February 2013

Vapour Organic's Siren Lipstick range (wish list)

Vapour Organic:  Dare 415 Siren Lipstick (top left) 
Vapour Organic: Torrid 413 Siren Lipstick (top right)
Vapour Organic: Naïve 421 Siren Lipstick (bottom left)
Vapour Organic:  Bold 420 Siren Lipstick (bottom right

Mineral make up has come a long way, you can go to any mainstream shopping complex and find mineral eye shadows and foundations (in most colours). However, I find it difficult to get my hands on fashion forward naturally made lipstick colours! 

So...I did some research on google and stumbled upon Vapour Organic's Siren lipstick range 

I really do love the colours I have picked to show you guys! The top two colours are dark ( I tend to wear dark colours in the winter). I particularly like Torrid 413 (top right) it has a plum undertone, for such a daring colour it is surprisingly flattering on most skin tones ( from what I have observed anyway).

The bottom two colours are very different from each other, but both serve a purpose. Naive 421 (bottom left) is a perfect colour for daytime wear, it blends in with your skin really well and gives you a natural look. Bold 420 (bottom right) is a classic deep red lipstick, dark and perfect for the winter months. 

I would like to do a 'winter look' make up post soon, so keep your eyes peeled =)

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