Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Beer rinse for your hair

I hope everyone has had a very merry christmas. I certainly did, I spent most of my time cooking and eating and enjoying every second of it with my wonderful family.

 My boyfriend enjoys an occasional beer now and then, so this christmas he bought a couple of beer and managed to get through half a can of beer (his alcohol tolerance is ridiculously low) and I followed suit and also drank half a can. We left both the cans out on the dining table overnight and forgot about it until the next morning. In the morning I woke up to a very messy kitchen and got my cleaning hat on and started a big clean up.

Amongst all the mess I found the half empty cans of beers and instantly I thought that I didn't want to waste what was left over (I just hate wasting food/drink anything really) and didn't want to drink them either because flat beer tastes worse than flat coke (I rest my case). So I remembered something my mother used to do when I was little. Once a month she used to buy a can of beer to rinse her hair with it!!. So I thought I will give it a go and use the left over beer to rinse my hair.

I got into my shower made sure my hair was wet and literrally poured the beer into my hair and slowly worked it through my hair. After applying the beer I simply rinsed my hair with warm water (do this thoroughly it helps to get rid of the smell) and waited for my hair to dry out naturally. Once my hair was dried, it looked super healthy and super glossy and even my wavy locks were tamed!

Apparently the proteins from the malt and hops found in beer coat, rebuilds and repairs damaged hair. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a quick boost to the quality of their hair. If you want to have bouncy shiny hair before a special occasion or if you generally want to pamper yourself. This is a cheap and a natural way to make your hair look fantastic for any occasion.

Cheers <3

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